Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Its Irony When:

You've prepared all of those necessity for the office forwarding, informing all transporters,the contacts, the TNB,the TimeDotCom,the Landlord and having had to wear ( one of the most) hideous attire that you have just to pry for these particular day ( which was today).then BAM! the electricity's gone, you've end up staring to the off-white dust colored office wall blandly, and blanked.

BUT,It took them just about an hour just fix it (when you have 'strong' address,service will come to you 'good')

I will continue with this 'strong address' issue soon.. very very soon..


ScarabRoot said...

hehe...still jadik la pindah kan?biasa la tu...da takdir...

Mustaffa Conroy said...

new opis... wait i come lahhhh