Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hell on Earth

Sharin is already at Pantai Dalam when I recived his call yesterday evening, for having said that I will be joining him,I have to commute the Komuter.I can take a taxi, but it will take me ages because of the traffic jam. nothing to choose of, i opt to Komuter.
I arrived KlSentral at around 6,people ants to and fro over the counter and platform area.I called Sharin again to just make sure which platform should i wait. 'pegi dkt platfom no5, ke pelabuhan klang, or else u will go to Seremban' ok.. Platform no 5.got it.
The announcer keep telling time by time the expected arriving time of each Komuter train on each platform. I'm just eager to know when's mine.its 10min for the Pelabuhan Klang Train.I stand on the sign that said ' penumpang wanita sahaja' hmm good though.the queuing line is not that bad too.But the heat is unbearable.I'm sweating from the tip of my tudung to the end of my toe.including my face ( my face rarely sweat, so its memang betol2 panas!)bearing a baju kurung adds up to the heat.( i'm not blaming the baju kurung, i'm not really used to it ..hehe)
Finally the train arrived.the long old fashioned train took its own sweet time reaching to the platform.I cant just wait!as soon as the train halt, swarm of people push me over left and right,back and forth,ladies that's been queuing with me before were just screaming ' hey.. jgn pijak kaki lah' and one of them was like ' nanti lah dulu, tren blom berenti' or others are just
' oi..jangan tolak-tolak' or 'heee..! then,when the door ajar,they were pushing in like a 'boss'! now I confirm you that I really can understand how ikan sadin felt like.There is obviously no room left, it can fit another one or two passengers, no more. but no.. these 'ladies' kept pushing and pushing in.I was trap in the middle.I cant even see the other ladies that in my que before.after minutes of gushing and pushing and jerking and stepping and circling ( yep, I do circled for a while coz i just dont know where to go!) .the train door beeps,its closing. 'oh at last!' but no no. these ladies kept pushing in..suppressing the door.'ey masok dalam siket laa'..' da tak bole nk masok'.. 'dalam lagi'..'banyak ruang lagi'..they yelled here and there. i couldn't care less.I'm just standing put on the spot that i think i firm.who says that Lady train is 'safer',safer yes from all of those pe-raba or pen-copet but not from these. they're like amazonian women on jusco megasale..
Thus, the door finally closed.the train moved.the train was so pack and full there's no room for even my feet to twitch.i'm cringing... there's p*p*k and t*t*k against me.oh god! i can even tell you the sizes.the train approaching Angakasapuri, one more station for me.hoping Angkasapuri will make some room,my hope false. its adds more.now those p*p*k and t*t*k are pressing over me.Ya tuhan..to make its worse,the air condition spoiled. my sweat soaks me.my bajung kurung basah. If anybody took my pic now, i am now totally looks like a p*p*k! I even close my eyes just to comfort myself. so i dont have to look to all these 'mess'.shorty after, they announce 'Pantai Dalam'.'ooohhh my lord..of bukit suci!!'am here! at last! finally! BUT, when the door ajar, these ladies seems wont even bother to give way for us to disembark,ignorance not a bliss , i have no choice, but to push.i heard somebody yelled.'ada aku kesah' i said ' bagila orng keluar, bodoh" i add. and i walk away...aawayyy...I heard murmurs,but i care less! i am here . i arrived at my station. i can never ever be please more than ever!syukur!

one quote:' If there there's hell on earth,its the train journey from KLSentral to Pantai Dalam.Period!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Malam tadi ingat mase nak tido bole la happy2 kenangkan a girls night out ngan diva2. sudah lik umah kol 1 pagi n terima call dari si gwan. Die cakap Pian (adik Azah) inform kat die yang N (zulkurnain) yakni abang kepada si midi meninggal dunia. Panik aku kejap. Terus aku suroh dieorang tunggu sebab aku nak ke umah mak die kat Pantai Dalam. Sampai kat Pantai, aku nampak midi tgh lepak ngan kawan2 die (dah sebulan lebih x bertegur sapa) aku panggil dia tanya pasal abang dia. Dia cakap dia pon tak tahu pasal bende ni. Aku suroh dia naik umah tgk kalau2 ada panggilan or family dia yang lain tahu pasal ni. DIa naik. Mase die naik umah die, aku dok sebok menelepon kawan2 skolah yang lain bertanyakan pasal hal ni. masing2 terperanjat n tak tahu.... lepas nak dekat 45 minit, midi text cakap dah dapat cakap ngan N. Aku pon terus call N. Die inform kat aku yang member sekolah punye bapak yang meninggal dunia. Bodoh si Pian ni!!! bangang sangat menyusahkan aku jer. lik umah kol 2 pagi. Member2 lain pon berantu jugak sebab aku x kasi dieorang tido dulu sebab nak dapatkan kepastian. sudahnya aku call balik n bagitau yang ni false alarm.... Haram zade!!! Pasal die si sipot kene anto aku lik bangsar semula n pasal die aku bercakap ngan si midi. tunggu aku jumpe dia nanti.... masak die aku kejekan..... STUPID SHEMALE!!!!!