Monday, January 9, 2012

Rasanya da seminggu kita masok tahun baru , tapi aku rasa agak belom terlambat untuk aku ucapkan Selamat Tahun Baru Uoolls

(Da lama sunggoh x update blog rengsa ini yer..the last was on the 19/7 last year.bnyk benornya yng di x sempat nk upload..haha)

On that new year eve we dont have any proper initial plan so when one of our mutual was offering free passes to Istana Budaya for a teater show, we dediced to go since its been a while since I/we've been there.

The teater was.... so-so... not as what we expected (peculiar to the tittle,its has to show some sort of high expectection limit.. tp mcm blerghhhh) ..but the technical criteria of the stage the choreography was good though....

talking bout istana budaya,i was always wondering why haven't they accepted small budgeted teater to play there? why the double standard?do the producer/production house has to have somekind of VVIP interconnection with IB? wonder..wonder?

( u must be wondering bout the rengsa part now rite?)

The rengsa part began after the teater n the fireworks..we all decided to have our 'supper' out from KL n out from all the hassle and we decided to go A&W PJ.

Upon arriving, we noticed the crowd was there but not as bad (at 1st I taught) but I was speaking too soon! the que was so hazab.out of five counter, they only open 2 ('biasakla' tuh kan?) dah la tuh..theres abunch of ppl infront of us kept changing their orders and kept arguing with the counter staff, sekajap nk air dgn float, lepas tuh tak nak, lepas tuh bila nmpak orng lain ada float dia nk pulak.. pastu nk rootbeer dgn ais krim kt atas,tp bila orng sebt float dia kata bukan-bukan..nk ais krim..aarrgghhh...penat laa orng counter tuh explain n explain.dah abis tuh,nk order meal pulak satu hal..xreti rupanya.. ya allah.. xreti kenapa xtanya..bukanya kena bogel pun..nyusahkan orang jer laa..nasib baeklaa mood we oll agak baik mlm itu..hmmm

and we end-up having our order just 20 min after dat..waste of time kaannn?


apa-apa pun aside from wut ever happen on that nite,we indeed enjoy ourself ,though one of our prominent 'fren' is not available on dat day (you know who u are...ahaha).

and I personaly hope that the Year 2012 will bring us hope,wish and result..amin amin.

and I am looking forward to write more on this 'Rengsa' post.

keep yourself posted..!!


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